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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know it's wrong to be but I am extremely jealous. So many of my friends, and people I know are announcing their pregnancy.  Many of them didn't try very long where we have been technically trying for over two years. 

This month is one of the first month's my husband really started talking about wanting a baby.  We did the ovulation tracker and did the baby dance during quite a few of the days..put the legs up for at least 20 minutes every time as well. *crossing fingers!* Now we get to play the waiting expected period is supposed to be here the 24th.  Thankfully school will keep me extremely busy for the next two weeks until I plan on testing (if Aunt Flo doesn't make her appearance)  Let's hope she stays away.

I'm feeling a weird pressure in my lower abdomen, I have googled online and everywhere says it's too early to show any sighs or symptoms but I just feel weird.
I did find this however:
Possible lower-abdominal achiness (mittelschmerz): About one in four women feel a twinge or series of cramps in the lower abdominal area — usually one side (the side they’re ovulating from). This pain, which is thought to come from an ovary releasing an egg, is known as mittelschmerz (from the German word meaning “middle pain”).

The pain is more in my right side.
I think I need to get off the internet. I'm just psyching myself out and that isn't a good thing to do right now.

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