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Thursday, March 31, 2011

the beginning.

I'm Mandy. 22 Years old and married to the most amazing man.
I am writing this blog to keep a record (mostly for myself) of what my life is like before becoming a mom..if I ever get that privilege.
In 11 days my husband and I have been married for 2 years. Haven't been on the pill the entire time, even though many people think I am on the pill currently.  I don't want to tell people we are trying..well not preventing a baby because I don't want to get asked every single month "Are you pregnant yet?"

Of coarse I want to be a mother but I come up with excuse after excuse why it is okay that we aren't pregnant yet. I say that we can't afford a baby, we want to be done with school first, a bigger house etc.

The last two years have been the hardest and best years of my life. I love being married to my best friend. I have even enjoyed the alone time that we have had together, but it is more than time to make two into three.

This blog is all about me, and making myself the best mom I can be.