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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mandy Has Logged In 5 Days In A Row

yup...I'm back on the weight loss train. I read a blog post from exactly a month ago and I said that I had lost a total of a half of a pound..sadly I have only lost one more pound since then. I weigh 231.9 lbs:( ..but I am doing something to change that.  I have been logging on MFP very well the last few days I was only over one day and that was yesterday.  Instead of just going to bed and forgetting about it I went on a hour long walk with my hubby and pup. Soo glad that I did!
Something random happened to me earlier this month (9 days ago to be exact) I started spotting weird, it was real light the first two days then towards the end there it got pretty heavy.  I got excited at first because I thought that maybe it could be implantation bleeding?  I think I may have just got my period early.  I have been under a lot of stress with a new job, and school starting again. Plus I got to my heaviest weight ever (233.5) So that could also be a cause. I just can't wait until I lose this weight and can carry a healthy baby! A bunch of my friends, and people I know are pregnant and I just envy them so much! I just have to keep doing what I am doing and someday it will be my turn too.

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