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Friday, April 22, 2011

lost 0.5 pounds since her last weigh-in! She's lost 0.4 pounds so far.

I'm excited that I can finally start losing weight again, and am under my starting weight when I started MFP. :)
For our anniversary 11 days ago we went on a little trip to bear lake. It has been one of our favorite little getaway spots. We first went there 3 years ago, and I was looking at pictures through my facebook. and found one that I thought I looked so heavy in.  Sadly the pants that look a little baggy here do not fit anymore, and the shirt definitely is not that loose anymore. It's actually kind of tight. I just wish I would of been more happy with the weight I was back then. (I'm estimating that I was around 180 there) Sadly I'm almost 50lbs heavier now and it is going to take me months to get back there.

I had pizza for dinner last night so I am trying hard to get 16 glasses of water in to flush some of that sodium!

Other random news..I decided as a little bit of a motivator I am going to award myself little awards for losing weight.  We got a 55 gallon fish tank from my in laws and I am desperate to fill it with fish. Currently we have a few guppies in there that I transferred from my 20 gallon just to test out the water.  Once I reach 225 (only 3.4 lbs to go) I am going to buy a fish or two for the tank :) I am obsessed with fish. I just LOVE to stare at them and watch them swim. Yes I'm a nerd, I know.

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